Who We Are

The Manchester International Church of Christ is part of a fellowship of congregations who are bonded by the cross of Christ. We make our best efforts to love God and each other. We believe that the Bible is the word of God and is a marvelous guide for daily living. We appreciate the forgiveness that comes through Jesus Christ and are eager to share this good news with others.

Our modern origins go back to 1982. A handful of Christians moved to London specifically to establish a congregation that could take the message of Jesus to our capital city and beyond. Over the last 30 plus years churches have been planted from London to Birmingham (1988), Manchester (1989), Edinburgh (1991) and many other cities in England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales. Now over 1200 people meet each Sunday around the United Kingdom and Ireland. We are a multi-cultural, multi-racial group and this is reflected in our heritage of planting churches abroad as well as training and sending missionaries to the Indian Subcontinent, Africa, South Asia and many other places around the world. We sponsor the benevolent organization HOPE worldwide.

Our fellowship of congregations is grouped together within a national framework called ICC Missions which is a registered Charity. 


Charity Info

ICC Missions is a Christian organisation, comprising sixteen member churches situated in Belfast, Bristol, Cardiff, East Anglia, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds, London, Manchester, and Surrey.

ICC Missions has links with other churches within the family of churches known as International Churches of Christ, in the UK and overseas, but they remain independent of it and are separate legal entities.

ICC Missions is both a company limited by guarantee (Company Number 04272228) and a registered charity in England and Wales (Charity Number 1092123). Its registered address is Tower Bridge House, St Katherine's Way, London, EW1D 1DD.

The objectives of ICC Missions are defined in its Articles of Association as follows:

"The advancement of the Christian religion in the United Kingdom and elsewhere throughout the world; and the relief of poverty and sickness and the distress arising therefrom of any person who is suffering as a result of drought, earthquake, flood or other natural disaster or who by reason of his or her social and economic conditions is in need of such assistance".


Hubb Support, 21/02/2003