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YouTube - Sunday and Midweek Services

Manchester Worship Service (download)
"Anchor for the Soul"- Manchester Church Service 3rd January 2021
Chris Broom, 03/01/2021
Manchester Sunday Service (download)
"He's Here! God is With Us"- Manchester Church Service 27th December 2020
Chris Broom, 27/12/2020
Manchester Sunday Service (download)
"No Ordinary Christmas, No Ordinary Child"- Manchester Church Service 20th December 2020
Chris Broom, 20/12/2020
Manchester Sunday Service (download)
Sunday 6th December 2020- "A Season to Believe"
Chris Broom, 06/12/2020
Sunday Worship Service (download)
Wholehearted Devotion (Sunday service) We are excited to join the rest of the U.K. and Ireland for a service all together through YouTube. We will be hearing from Corey Stuck, Evangelist in the Hampton Roads Church, USA on "Wholehearted Devotion."
Corey Stuck, 29/11/2020
Manchester Sunday Service (download)
"God Does the Impossible"- Manchester Service 22nd November 2020
Chris Broom, 22/11/2020
Manchester Sunday Service (download)
Manchester Church Service 15th November 2020- " Powerful and Effective Prayer"
Chris Broom, 15/11/2020
Manchester Sunday Service (download)
"We Can Certainly Do It"- Manchester Church Service Sunday 1st November 20
Chris Broom, 01/11/2020
Manchester Sunday Service (download)
"Faith Comes From Hearing the Message"- Manchester Church Service 18th October 2020
Chris Broom, 18/10/2020
Manchester Sunday Service (download)
Welcome to another service for the Manchester International Church of Christ. Today we will hear have some worship with our sister congregations in Indonesia and Chicago. In between those times we shall hear a powerful lesson out of the book of Joshua from Chris Broom titled "Be Strong and Courageous!"
Chris Broom, 11/10/2020
Manchester Sunday Service, PLEASE CLICK ON: (download)
Join us on Sunday 27th September for our UK & Ireland 11am online service - featuring a special message from Dave Bliley, Zach Anton and Shiva Murthy.
D Bliley, Z Anton and S Murthy, 27/09/2020
Manchester Sunday Service (download)
Join The Adventure
Chris Broom, 20/09/2020
Manchester Sunday Service (download)
Make The Most Of Today, A lesson from the book of acts.
Chris Broom, 13/09/2020
Manchester Sunday Service (download)
Sunday Worship Service
Franklin Walters, 06/09/2020
UK-wide Worship Service, PLEASE CLICK ON: (download)
UK-wide Worship Service,
Angel Martinez, 30/08/2020
Manchester Sunday Service (download)
Sunday Worship Service
Chris Broom, 23/08/2020
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Audio - Sermons

Let Our God Reign 7: Victories and Cornerstones (download)
Matt21:18 Victory in faith. 1. Have a fig tree type faith. Matt21:23-44 2. Be careful we are not crushed but broken before God.
Brian Miller, 15/03/2020
Let Our Lord Reign 6: His Kingdom (download)
Chris continues our study from the Gospel of Matthew with a report from the UK / Ireland Student Retreat 2020, "His Kingdom!"
Chris Broom, 23/02/2020
Let Our Lord Reign 5: Parable of The Sower (download)
Brian continues our study of The Gospel of Mathew: Matthew 13
Brian Miller, 16/02/2020
Let our Lord Reign 4: The King and His Kingdom (download)
Chris continues our study of The Gospel of Matthew, Matthew 11:28
Chris Broom, 09/02/2020
Crossing the Red Sea - Safe Mode or Faith Mode (download)
Warnings from history, how to achieve great faith from the example of The Crossing of The Red Sea.
George Grima, 02/02/2020
Let Our Lord Reign 3: What God Reigns Over (download)
Chris continues our study of The Gospel of Mathew: Matthew 3
Chris Broom, 26/01/2020
Let Our Lord Reign 2: Away From Me Satan (download)
Chris continues our study of The Gospel of Mathew: Matthew 4
Chris Broom, 19/01/2020
Let Our Lord Reign 1 (download)
Mohan begins our study of The Gospel of Mathew God watch's over us, God call's us to turn.
Mohan Nanjundan, 12/01/2020
I Am With You (download)
1. Giving Your Whole Heart to God Again 2. God’s Favour, God’s Hand, God’s Authority
George Grima, 08/12/2019
Haggai (download)
Chris preaches about the book of Hagai
Chris Broom, 01/12/2019
Seizing the moment (download)
Inspired by the story of Jonathan and his armour-bearer we can take a deeper look into what a life taking action looks like for God. In this remarkable story in the middle of a battle we see two men with their whole hearts set on seizing the moment for God and taking the initiative to win the day for God. Their example sets as a great reminder of what true discipleship of Jesus looks like and how we can also take the initiative for Him today individually and as a people called to do incredible things for Go
Nick Ghalustians, 24/11/2019
Naaman, reviving our bible study. (download)
Naaman, reviving our bible study.
Chris Broom , 03/11/2019
The Greatest Battle (download)
Brian Miller, 06/10/2019
I want to be a nobody and tell everybody (download)
Chris Broom, 29/09/2019
Heart, Mind, Soul and Strength (download)
Today we we were blessed to hear a visiting speaker from the Leicester church, Mike Howell! Mike, along with his wife Bronwyn, have been in our fellowship of churches for many years and Mike was most recently serving as an Elder in the Sydney church before moving back to England. Enjoy!
Mike Howell, 15/09/2019
Jesus's Family Group (download)
The title of the message today is Jesus's Family Group. As we take a look at the ministry of Jesus, I will make 4 points... 1. Small Groups are the Way of God! 2. Awesome Power was at work in Jesus's Family Group! 3. Victory through Love! 4. Expect the Amazing in Your Family Group! I hope you will enjoy and imitate!
Chris Broom, 01/09/2019
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Audio - Communion Messages

Communion (download)
Paul and Christy share their thoughts on the cross.
Paul and Christy Taylor, 15/03/2020
Communion (download)
Yumi and Tolu how they keep their eyes on the cross.
Yumi and Tolu, 23/02/2020
Communion (download)
George helps us examine ourselves in view of the cross.
George Grima, 16/02/2020
Communion (download)
Isaiah shares his thought to draw us closer to the cross
Isaiah Soboyejo, 09/02/2020
Communion (download)
Brian and Gillian share their thoughts.
Brian and Gillian Miller, 26/01/2020
Communion (download)
Paul share his thoughts on the cross
Paul Taylor, 19/01/2020
Communion (download)
Pete and Sue share their thoughts about the cross.
Pete and Sue Anti, 12/01/2020
Communion (download)
(c) ICCM Manchester UK, 01/12/2019
30th Anniversary Communion (download)
Sam shares his thoughts on the cross.
Sam Leigh, 17/11/2019
Communion (download)
Paul share his thoughts on the communion.
Paul Taylor, 03/11/2019
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Richard Hartnell, 22/07/2020