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Acts: Building a Great Church, part 6 (download)
Today, we will study the First Missionary Journey of Paul. A huge transition in the first century church as we see for the first time, the Spirit guiding the leadership in Antioch to engage in the Purposeful Planting of Churches! More great keys for building God's church in the 21st Century!
Chris Broom, 12/08/2018
Acts: Building a Great Church, part 5 (download)
4 more keys for building a great church: Partnership, Passion, Persecution, and Perseverance! "On that day a great persecution broke out against the church at Jerusalem, and all except the apostles were scattered throughout Judea and Samaria. Godly men buried Stephen and mourned deeply for him. But Saul began to destroy the church. Going from house to house, he dragged off men and women and put them in prison. Those who had been scattered preached the word wherever they went. -Acts 8:1b-4
Chris Broom, 05/08/2018
Acts: Building a Great Church, part 4 (download)
Today we get 2 more keys for building a great church from 2 incredible brothers; Great Sacrifice by Brian Miller and Great Fear by Andy Boakye! "No one else dared join them, even though they were highly regarded by the people. Nevertheless, more and more men and women believed in the Lord and were added to their number" Acts 5:13-14
Brian M., Andy B., Chris Broom, 29/07/2018
Acts: Building a Great Church, part 3 (download)
Today we will look at 3 more keys to building a great church; Great Prayer; Great Boldness and Great Numbers! The most radical thing you can be is consistent!
Chris Broom, 22/07/2018
Acts: Building a Great Church, part 2 (download)
In lesson one, we talked about Jesus' Great Commission. Now, we will discuss the Great Message of the gospel and the Great Devotion that message demands!
Chris and Theresa Broom, 13/07/2018
Acts: Building a Great Church, part 1 (download)
Acts is the written history of the 1st-century church. It shows the formation of God's church, how that church grew numerically, spread geographically and took the gospel to the ends of the earth! It also shows us how the early church dealt with the problems and persecution. It remains the greatest guide for building God's church on earth and it will until Jesus returns.
Chris Broom, 08/07/2018
We're Part of God's Plan (download)
Absolutely, every detail of your life is woven into God's plan. The fingerprint region concept. Look for God's fingerprint in our lives. Every decision, every conversation, every day we got up, every person in our lives... can be woven into God's plan, for the world. We're part of God's plan no matter what we do, no matter how we do it. Find your big picture into some seemingly meaningless details of your life.
Isaiah Soboyejo, 01/07/2018
The Incredible Grace of Christ (download)
We're all sinners, we all need the grace of God and we all need a safe place. Jesus is our safe place. Let us encourage one another, figure out ways to encourage each other. Be involved; be the safe place. In order to facilitate forgiveness, we need to be Jesus in this lost world and not be judgemental. Let's be open, get sin exposed so we can receive the saving grace of Christ.
Brian Miller, 24/06/2018
War, what is it good for? Absolutely nothing! (download)
Jesus prays that each one of us to have complete unity. That is God's desire, for us to be together, one in mind and on purpose. But what causes the fight among us? First, it starts with selfishness. Those selfish desires, the battle within us. Then we lose our passion or our love for God. How not be at war with God? First, to submit ourselves, then to draw near to Him and lastly, God wants us to be humble.
Archie Kendall, 17/06/2018
We Are The Light (download)
2 Cor 4:1 says, "... through God's mercy, we have this ministry, we do not lose heart". So many in the world lose heart, so many in the church lose heart. Our life now has a purpose and we want to help other people, that have lost heart. Let your light shine out of darkness, may His light shine on us. We have a second chance and a purpose to live.
Chris Broom, 10/06/2018
The Ministry of Jesus (download)
Jesus came down as a flesh. He is the bread of life, He is the light of the world; in a dark, dark place. And He came full of grace and truth. Some refused to love the truth and so be saved. Things can change and things can change quickly, but they won't change by themselves it takes a concerted effort to do it. Be the change you want to see in the world; be the change you want to see in the church. Model it, proclaim it and call others to follow it.
Chris Broom, 10/06/2018
Mortals, Join the Mighty Chorus (download)
"Joyful, joyful we adore thee... hearts unfold like flowers before thee" - Creation has something to say...and Bible has something to say. The Bible is the Spirit of God in written form and it brings forgiveness and healing. Our job is to scatter the seeds. With the Holy Spirit to guide us, we can be His people, His very own...eager to do what is good.
Chris Broom, 20/05/2018
Seek First His Kingdom (download)
One thing is important - seek first His kingdom and all these things will be added to you as well. Why didn't God make it much easier? What we seek determines who we are. It's not enough only to seek God but to seek Him first! Apply the very basic thing, seek Him and He will be found by you. Value things that God values. God is moving every day, let us rejoice and be glad in it.
Archie Kendall, 13/05/2018
God's Amazing Grace (download)
God chooses to bless us rather than punish us, as our sins deserve. Justified - just as if I'd never sinned. Christ cloth us in perfection! Our life is now hidden in Christ. God didn't saw our sins because He saw Christ -- just as if we've never sinned. The grace of God that saves us makes us strong, makes us feel more secure... the grace of God must fill this church, and it will fill this church if it fills in each one of us.
Chris Broom, 06/05/2018
You Reap What You Sow (download)
No sowing without going...No reaping without weeping. When was the last time you cried for someone else? When was the last time we pour our heart into people; pour out deepest things? Bible and God open our hearts. We got to feel deeply, as Jesus did. 1. Pray everyday 2. Plant everyday 3. Water everyday 4. Let's party while we wait!
Chris Broom, 29/04/2018
Love, Loyalty and Long Suffering (download)
"When Jesus saw the crowd, He had a compassion on them..." That's why Jesus leave everything in heaven so that He could be with us. He saw that the world is harassed and helpless. He wanted to be our Shepherd. We got a lot of work to do. A lot of mistakes happen, but we can't allow our hearts grow cold. It's a call for unity, not uniformity. It takes one person, one family, one city at a time. Let's go and evangelise the world!
Chris Broom, 08/04/2018
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Communion Messages

The Cost of Following Jesus (download)
Luke 9:57 "I will follow you wherever you go..."- Jacob shared his experiences with the disciples in the church in China. Seeing their brokenness...they have this sober judgment and desperation. Chinese disciples are desperate to save people and to know about Jesus. They are willing to do anything just to make people turn back to the cross.
Jacob Taylor, 12/08/2018
The Son of Man Must Be Lifted Up (download)
John 3:14-15 "Just as Moses lifted up the snake... so the Son of Man must be lifted up so that everyone who believes may have eternal life in Him" - We've all been poisoned by sin. Snake also symbolises redemption. Jesus is like the snake being lifted up. He is the only antidote for this venomous sin. Let us not forget and to stay grateful for His wonderful grace.
Dan Bickle, 29/07/2018
Jesus Knocking at the door of our Hearts (download)
Rev. 3:20 "Here I am! I stand in the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with that person and they with me" - Jesus loved us first.. and will continue to love us regardless on how we respond to His love. He'll continue to knock at the door of our hearts and waiting patiently for us to let Him in. The cross is one of His greatest act of love...what is our response to His love?
Isaiah Soboyejo, 22/07/2018
Look Beyond The Moment (download)
Christ suffered... to bring you to God. Who knows our lives could be without Him. When we are tempted not to share our faith with someone; when personal issues stopped us from doing good when it's hard to put other's first... let us look beyond the moment and see what impact that could do.
Yorel Blackwood, 01/07/2018
Endurance, Hope and Peace (download)
Endurance - Jesus' endurance is to suffer patiently. It is painful and difficult. To endure is to fix our eyes in Jesus and to be patient in prayer. Hope - we have a hope in Jesus. In Him, we can have a bright new day, forgiveness and love. We've been redeemed by Jesus's blood and that will keep us going. Peace - we have peace through our faith and what Jesus did for us on the cross. If our peace is base on our circumstances, we missed the whole point of peace.
Theresa B. Mai B. & Allison R., 24/06/2018
Gratitude in Receiving God's Unshakeable Kingdom (download)
Something unshakeable is strong and reliable. We can relate it to God's love for us. We don't have to be strong, we don't have to be an achiever, we just have to be ourselves and that's God's love for us - it is unshakeable. Let us be grateful that, what we are receiving is a kingdom that is unshakeable thru Jesus Christ dying on the cross for us.
Michael and Miguel Sanchez, 17/06/2018
The Cross: Live Your Life Worthy of It (download)
Jesus' death was freely given, there was no condition on it. It doesn't tell us to earn it, but it does tell to examine ourselves. Have we lived the worthy week this week? Let's live a worthy life, knowing what Jesus has done for us.
Paul Taylor, 10/06/2018
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This is the link to the archive of past Sermons and Communion Messages



3rd March 2016 Sunday Service

Announcements: Brian Miller
Communion: James May
Sermon: Andy Boakye

28th June Sunday Service

Annoucements: Bruce Miller
Communion: Rob Oddy
Sermon: Andy Boakye

21st June Sunday Service

Annoucements: Pete Anti
Communion: Bola Soboyejo
Sermon: Bruce Miller

13th and 14th June Marriage and Parenting Classes

Marriage: Andy and Rhoda Agerbak 
Parenting: Andy and Rhoda Agerbak

14th June Sunday Service

Annoucements: Kenny
Communion: Bruce Miller
Sermon: Andy Agerbak

7th June Sunday Service

Annoucements: Bruce Miller
Communion: Levi
Sermon: Brian Miller

31st May Sunday Service

Annoucements: Paul Taylor
Communion: Bruce Miller
Testimony: Nikas

17th May Sunday Service

Announcements: Bruce Miller
Communion: Mr. Bola Soboyejo
Sermon: Bruce Milller  

10th May Sunday Service

Announcements: Pete Anti
Communion: Michael Sanchez
Sermon: Andy Boakye

3rd May Sunday Service:

Announcements: Bola Soboyejo
Communion: Ayo Apampa
Sermon: Bruce Miller "Peace"

26th April Sunday Service:

Announcements: Bruce Miller
Communion: Jacob Taylor
Sermon: Archie Kendal

19th April 2015 Sunday Service:

Announcements: Kenny Onasanya
Communion: Levi Kaganowich "The Magnitude Of Jesus"
Sermon: Bruce Miller "Heroes"

12th April 2015 Sunday Service:

Communion: Pete Anti "Loving your Enemies"
Sermon: Brian Miller "Seeing The Big Picture"

5th April 2015 Sunday Service:

Announcements: Kenny Onasanya
Communion/Sermon: Bruce Miller "The Resurrection"

29th March 2015 Sunday Service:

Announcements: Bruce Miller 
Communion: Andy Boakye "Grace"
Sermon: Rob Oddy and Paul Taylor "Fullness of Life"

21st March 2015 Like Clay In The Hand Of The Potter Women's Discussion:

Lesson: Tammy Flemming and Chidz.
Recording of the entire Day:

Malcolm Cox, Deuteronomy Workshop:

Class 1: Details of The Book of Deuteronomy.
Class 2: Choose To Learn.
Class 3: Choose To Trust.
Class 4: Choose To Study.
Class 5: Choose To Worship.

Class by Scott and Lynn Green:


Andy Boakye:

Lesson: Hebrews 11.

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