Quiet Time and Devotional Resources 

 These are some of the quiet time resources that can be useful in strengthening our faith and relationship with God.

Holiday Quiet Time Packet
from the Gainesville Church of Christ.   
This is a quiet time series for teens and campus students during the holiday season.
To download the quiet time series please click here.

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Douglas Jacoby 40 days of Quiet Time.  
from the Douglas Jacoby International Teaching Ministry Website:

To be directed to the Douglas Jacoby Website Quiet time series  here.

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The Psalms lessons are cumulative; they build on one another. To learn the most, try to listen to them in order.

40 Days (Introduction - scroll down on this page)
1. Psalm 1 (basic principles; exploring the first psalm)
2. Psalm 19 & 119 (the Word of God in Psalms)
3. Psalm 130, 62 (encountering the God of the Psalms)
4. Psalm 139, 40, 117 (the importance of double focus)
5. Psalm 12, 46, 88 (the Darkness)
6. Psalm 73, 37 (When I'm Drifting)
7. Psalm 51 (Create in me a Pure Heart)
8. Psalm 137, 58, 109 (Prayers You Shouldn't Pray)
9. Psalm 2, 22, 69, 110 (Christ in the Psalms A)
10. Psalm 23, 49, 55 (Christ in the Psalms B)

The lessons on the 10 Commandments are also cumulative. To learn the most, try to listen to them in order. The Decalogue podcasts are shorter than the Psalms lessons, so occasionally you might want to combine days.

11. The First Commandment (no other gods)
12. The Second Commandment (no idols)
13. The Third Commandment (God's name)
14. The Fourth Commandment (Sabbath)
15. The Fifth Commandment (parents)
16. The Sixth Commandment (murder)
17. The Seventh Commandment (adultery)
18. The Eighth Commandment (stealing)
19. The Ninth Commandment (false witness)
20. The Tenth Commandment (coveting)

The third section in our series covers a number of spiritual disciplines. Speakers include Tom Jones, Ron Clark, Ed Anton, Joey Harris, and me. Unlike the Decalogue series, none of these lessons is short; they are substantial. This sub-series ranges from prayer & fasting to the disciple's attitude towards (and use of) money.

21. Prayer & Fasting
22. Holiness
23. The Lord's Prayer (by Tom Jones)
24. Matthew & True Righteousness (by Ron Clark)
25. Modesty
26. Taking up the Cross (by Ed Anton)
27. Creative Quiet Times, Pt. I (by Joey Harris)
28. Creative Quiet Times, Pt. II (by Joey Harris)
29. Creative Quiet Times, Pt. III (by Joey Harris)
30. Neither Poverty Nor Riches (by Steve Jacoby)

The final section of the 40 Days series focuses on men and women who knew the Lord. (And in the case of the first podcast, someone who was the Lord!)

31. Jesus
32. John the Baptist
33. Joseph (of Genesis)
34. Mary
35. Mary & Martha
36. Stephen
37. Paul
38. Elisha
39. Esther & Mordecai
40. Thomas